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I must be naive! Ground shipping more exensive than expedited shipping..odd.

Return policy..odd but still pressed the purchase button. Receive goods..ivory wedding shoes with rosettes and rhinestones. Why is it that the rosette and rhinestones on the side of the shoes were a sticker? Mind you the sticker was peeling off..like any sticker would do.

Hmm..they don't have a customer service #..send an email AND pictures JPG only!) of the item. Are you seriously kidding me? I receive a response and they give me 3 options..are you kidding me again? We will give you 30%, 50% or you can return.

Mind you if you return it will take 20-25 days for you get credit. I could not believe it! I know this isn't a Nordstroms, however I need to take a picture and read an email telling me that it's not worth returning?

We need to band together and get rid of these types of companies in the US! I will make sure that this is on my FB as a permanent post..do NoT buy from Light In the Box

Product or Service Mentioned: Light In The Box Shipping Service.

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Log your complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, always check with them prior to making a purchase online. Light in the Box happens to have an "F" rating from them.


Ummm, you shouldn't purchase from shady companies people! You admit it wAs fishy and pressed purchase. Go figure...


My experience is just the same as of of the rest. I purchased a, "new on the market"' tablet, youtube posting says how great it was, posts on the web, all the same.

I took a chance and purchased the item, received the item in good condition, that's where the joy ends. The wifi doesnt work, bluetooth doesn't work, put a 16 gig sd card in and it only sees 2 gig, OOHHHH but it's good to 32 gigs, are you kidding me. By the way, the manufacturer stopped producing the tablet right after Christmas so you can't get a replacement. There is more issues but these are the ones that count.

Contacted tech support, took 7 days for the first contact, well they just repeated what I said to them, 2nd told me to do a manual reset, but not how to do it, ended up doing a factory reset, by the way that scared me to death because I thought it would brick the tablet, lots of fun. Third time, waste of time, finally... they informed me that the unit "MAY" be defective and offered me $20.00 to keep a broken tablet or credit w/ $20.00 if I send the thing back, or send it back with their strict shipping instruction and to attempt to go around customs, by the way they won't accept anything caught in customs and USPS won't send anything out of the country w/o a customs form so you are garanteeed not to see your money or product again because they won't accept the item at their returns and refund destination and customs won't send it back. Another thing, their return address is so long and compicated that the post office doesn't have a form that can cover all the things required to ship this item, the customs form is the same way.

I was at the post office for over one hour trying to resolve this and the poor guy at the counter told me if we ship the way they want it may not be received, to add insult to injury there is no way for the package to avoid customs as they would like, no matter what you must declare it and what the cost of the item is, you can't insure the item differently, say you declare it as $50.00 you can't insure for $300.00 because it is differnt than on the customs form. This is how they make money, no other company I have delt with overseas does this, they send all the forms you need pre filled out and pay the postage back if received broken or not as described. Most times, you take a picture of the issue, send them, they approve the loss and send you a new one and tell you to to the junk in the garbage.

I have a computer vendor in Asia that I have been doing business with for 15 years, he told me that they can do this 3 or 4 times and still make money because they sell the items at such a high margin, this insures that they can replace without loss and having the items shipped back. :(


Service is ***. And regular shipping is as slow as a walk across the country.

Just ridiculous. And when I finally get my camera it's not the right one, it's used and parts were just thrown in the box and best of all, a main piece was missing.

Honestly they're more *** than a dump truck at the place. I'll never ever shop with this company again.

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