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This company makes "knock-offs" of designer gowns, but much cheaper and poor quality.

I ordered a strapless gown with a bolero jacket to wear to my son's wedding. I ordered exactly according to my measurements and sent in my measurements. The dress came. First, the jacket was like it was 2 sizes smaller than the dress - I couldn't even put it on. The dress was not only too small, it had a sharp wire poking out of the top of the bodice that actual cut me on my chest. I laid the dress down and took out a tape measure: the waist was almost 3 inches smaller than it was supposed to be and the bust was as well. I took pictures of this with the measuring tape held up against the dress jacket, etc. and contact them explaining the difference between what I had order and what I had received. I also took a close up picture of where the wire was sticking out.

I finally heard back, but the attitude of the letter was not apologetic, it was more like "If you want to ship it back (at your cost - which would have been about $50) we'll look at it, but we do not guarantee we will refund it and we will not ship it back to you." I could tell by the wording of the letter they would not do anything and I would just be out another $50 and they would have the dress back to sell to some other unsuspecting customer.

I tried to see if a seamstress could fix it, but she said she couldn't because she would have to take it apart and there was not enough fabric to let it out. I had spend about $275 already.

By then it was getting close to my son's wedding (and we were traveling from the states to Japan for it because he lives there), so I had to scramble, in tears, to every dress place until I finally found one - another $500. At least this dress was beautiful and made by an eel known American gown company.

I will never buy anything from this company again and would warn others not to as well. They have worst customer service and I do not think they are very ethical because this dress was so way off in the measurements, and the bolero was not even the size of the dress, that they just packed up something and shipped it with no thought to actually fulfilling the order properly. I do not trust them at all and since they are in China, there was no recourse for any customer service advocacy. Worst shopping experience...just horrible people with a terrible "attitude."

I didn't like: Horrible customer service, Did not send correct merchandise.

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The word KNOCK OFF is a give away. You were too cheap to buy the real thing, and you got what you paid for.


You see, most businesses import from China and re-sell to customers. Light in the Box is no different.

I make it top criterion in all my online purchases to check with sellers where items are manufactured or produced. If its Made in China - I DO NOT ORDER.

Never ever trust any Made in China goods regardless how attractive of cheap the products are. Period.

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