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LED rechargeable head lamp

I ordered a led head lamp on the 03/12/17. I did set up an account as I ordered it through google I don’t have account but my order went through will I still receive it?


Dress refund

I have recently ordered a dress from you.I received it today but it's not the one for me.

Please can I send it back and get a refund?Thank you



Need clarification that you received cancellation notice, plus a reply regarding payments and refunds. Order no 1711261826418050


Order not yet delivered

Order # 1711150926132899 should be delivered by December 1st, 2018 ; however it has not been arrived yet. Please response soon as possible !Patrick


women's underwear #05756394

Mrs.B here would you possiblly have ????

each color in Size 1x ??? So Please!!!!! let Me know either way ASAP!!!!

Thanks Mrs.B Ps I would Love to order a pair of each Color + other undies as well :)


My orders

I already ordered Shirt last time November 06/2017 and you took the money from my credit card.Still now I'm not receive order.

So how can get my order???You aren't delivered my order.



Hello I received my order to day as I already paid insurance tax and vat so why did I have to pay €44 23 cent on delivery you'res truly Roseanne Shanahan


How do i return the items i bought?

Sir i have recieved the items i ordered unfortunately the sizes are very small so i need to return them how do i go about it please, hope you will help me.thanks.


Sweeter up jakett

I have ordered for jakett but it has not been delivered i just wanted to know when i am expecting the delivering


Payment for goods I want to buy

Hi.I live in Nigeria, I have reached check out, how do I pay if I want to use my Nigerian bank card.

The kitten heel 1- 2 3/4 inches US size 10 shoes.

Please can you stock bigger sizes.Thanks


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