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My order not received

This is Madhav from India we are Purchasing 2 items Dec 25 on 2017 Ticket ID:17725037 and Order Number:1712250627098521 but not Received till date this is Your service why is your asking my site is very good and Genuine site? This is Rediculess site your costume care simlpley sorry no one cane Response to me pz Reply to correct answer


Charge on credit card for $336.38 when I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING! Order date- 3/15/18

How did I get a charge from you on my credit card for $336.38 on March 15th when I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING! What's going on? If you have a pending order for me it is a mistake and must be canceled imediately


Sales Agents

Good day, I have placed several orders with you and I want to pay through western Union so they want me to provide the names of a sales agent. Please help me with that Thank you


Undelivered package with mispelled last name and street name

Can you please make correction so I can receive. Ana Costoya 7830 Camino Real k311 Miami Fla 33143. Thank you.



Hi, I am Nayana, I want to know the below shipping procedure to India.Details : 1.

Tax 2. Shipping Fee: 3. Custom release(if any to India) : 4. Shipping/ courier trough which felicity (i.e Blue dart....etc)?

5. Procedure of shipping(place to place through what medium)? 6. Is it directly available to shipping address?

7.If it not directly deliverable , other way to collect the product....


Order status

I ordered an item on Feb.15th..paid with my debit card. I havent received my order as of yet


Wrong address

I put my orders in wrong address


My order has not been delivered yet.

Why is it taking so long to receive my orders my order numbers are: 1801060827288733, 1801060827288833 and 1801061727297544


My order

Please my other has been with gcx, is real for about three weeks now, a lady called me to give her my atm card number to pay the charges and I don't know why I should just give out my visa card details to somebody I don't know,and there is no number to speak to them


My order placed on 12/15 and I haven't received it.

Please track my delivery. My name is Christine Avard address is 113 Holmes St. Schoocraft, MI 49087 269-598-4078.


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