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My order

I place the order but I doesn’t get any tracking number in almost two week my order no is 1810081930992538 Can you please give me answers as soon as possible


USA sizes bust waist lengh

How will I know bustsizein2x&3xdresses


I don't receive my oder

My oder number 30387612. My tracking number LY605098285CN, I don't receive anything yet , can you please check it , thank you


my order

i have made an order about a week ago i have not seen anything about my delivery nothing send to my email about order and delivery am very concerned . It should be here long time ago. please to query or investigate anput my orders iam wainting


Trouser suit for my wife

Order number 1806171029766961 still waiting. A delivery was attempted.

But was not in no card was left with information for redelivery. Or to be picked up.

Also need to know who couriers are to get in contact with as wedding is only 5 weeks away. Thank you for any help please.


fabric and design

I am interested in two designs: Pantsuit Scoop Neck Ankle Length Chiffon Mother of the Bride Dress with Pleats by LAN TING BRIDE #05506567 and/or Jumpsuit Scoop Neck Ankle Length Chiffon Tulle Sheer Lace Mother of the Bride Dress with Pleats by LAN TING BRIDE #06022422

Can you see through the trouser fabric in either of these designs? I would prefer not to have see through trousers.

I would like to have a sample of the fabric to see the color. I don't know how to order a swatch or which kind of fabric sample I should order.

I am rather short and a size 6. I find that designs are often made for someone much taller. I assume that if I pay for custom measurements, that the outfit will fit me perfectly. Is this correct?



where is my order 1805240529498695 heres my tracking # and if try to track they need a fu***ng ticket what the h*** is that!!and if view my previous order nothing is there but you charge me already ....LIGTHINTHEBOX!!!ANSWER ME!!!



where is my order what kind of business is that!!no customer service i ordered a you charge already and what happen is no tracking for my order!!!and if view my order nothing is there!!!!


Order cancellation

How do I get information about my money refund after canceling an order


wifi security camera

I want to enquire about security camera No 06582168. I want to know if it is Mobile reseptive.

Or if you have cameras that are wifi. ( just cameras)


Size question

My fiancée is interested in the following dance shoes. When she tried to select a size she wasn't able to change the shoe size. Does this mean the size isn’t available or is there a problem with the website?

Women's Dance Sneakers Ballroom Synthetic Sneaker Low Heel Black Red Green 1" - 1 3/4" Non Customizable #02378988


Do not order shoes there. I ordered a certain size and then my size was changed on order.

I absolutely remember ordering a certain size. Don’t trust.


Missing Orders 1 Drone 1 Spy Camera. Have not received yet.

What happened to my Orders From April 01 2018 was due for delivery on April 09 2018. Contents was : ( 1 ) Drone, (1) Spy Camera.

Total cost $139.00 I was promised a delivery date of April 09 18 But still have not received my Two orders yet.

My phone number is 310 221-1953 call me and tell me what's the problem is. You got my money now were is my Orders?.

Alvin j Woodward.


no response

My order number is 1803241128640303 and ticket number 18010273.. there is no response to the message I have sent to you and its been more than 24 hours...

I have to exchanGe my product and I HAVE NO TIME.... I dont understand why you guys are so slow........

Please reply back soon on the said ticket number and arrange for my items exchange as soon as possible


My order not received

This is Madhav from India we are Purchasing 2 items Dec 25 on 2017 Ticket ID:17725037 and Order Number:1712250627098521 but not Received till date this is Your service why is your asking my site is very good and Genuine site? This is Rediculess site your costume care simlpley sorry no one cane Response to me pz Reply to correct answer


Charge on credit card for $336.38 when I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING! Order date- 3/15/18

How did I get a charge from you on my credit card for $336.38 on March 15th when I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING! What's going on? If you have a pending order for me it is a mistake and must be canceled imediately


Sales Agents

Good day, I have placed several orders with you and I want to pay through western Union so they want me to provide the names of a sales agent. Please help me with that Thank you


Undelivered package with mispelled last name and street name

Can you please make correction so I can receive. Ana Costoya 7830 Camino Real k311 Miami Fla 33143. Thank you.



Hi, I am Nayana, I want to know the below shipping procedure to India. Details : 1.

Tax 2. Shipping Fee: 3. Custom release(if any to India) : 4. Shipping/ courier trough which felicity (i.e Blue dart....etc)?

5. Procedure of shipping(place to place through what medium)? 6. Is it directly available to shipping address?

7. If it not directly deliverable , other way to collect the product....


Order status

I ordered an item on Feb.15th..paid with my debit card. I havent received my order as of yet


Wrong address

I put my orders in wrong address


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