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I'm angry with this company. Wish I'd read

authentic reviews first.

The company shipped my package via DHL and DHL attempted first delivery in wrong city according to their records then gave the package to someone I don't know who signed for it. Company would not refund my money on an item delivered to someone else. So I made a claim with PayPal. It's either company's fault for misaddressing or DHL's fault for misdelivering but it's not mine!

So now, against my request, the company reshipped box and the whole process begins again. I told them I DID NOT WANT a new shipment because I didn't trust them and I've been dealing with this for a month. Paypayl was kind when I finally got through today - told me to reject shipment of box if it arrives.

Avoid this company - not worth the hassle. I think they abuse customers.

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