Rennes, Brittany

i am a new customer that shopped on line not knowing how long it takes for processing and shippment. found out after payment how long it takes for delivery, pls can you tell me who to get in touch with as the ordered iteams are needed for the 15th of may 2012,, tried the contact us and it is not helpful.

i will appreciate if a phone number is sent to me , to enable speak with someone as soon as possible.

this is very urgent and my wedding is on the 15th.

will appreciate your assistance. will be waiting for your imediate response

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Irene Moore
Shopping Expert
Shipping and delivery policies are covered in the Light in the Box faq section. The Global Post Service is the cheapest option.

It may take up to 20 business days or 28 weekends. No tracking is provided.

The Global Postal Service with tracking is more suitable since it takes from 10 to 18 business days. Tracking is provided for an extra charge.

Expedited and priority shipping options are also available.

Please check out more details regarding this issue given in the article “The Best in Overseas Shopping: Light in the Box vs Gearbest. If you need any assistance, you may try to reach out to Light in the Box Customer Service by email at or via their social media networks.


I have been sent a confirmation of redelivery request. The address is clearly stated in the request, yet LITB have failed to deliver the belt and caused me all sorts of problems Reference number is 3-1008649589617 Date on card - Monday 19 August 2019 Name on card - L Harris Delivery address - 69 Ringley Road Whitefield Manchester M45 7LH Number of items - 1 email - tel - +447469 859854 I cant get hold of anyone at LITB !!!!! I wish to make a complaint


Good luck with that I ordered a dress for my granddaughters wedding and it came 3 months after it was suppose to. I ended up buying a dress somewhere else.

Ya anything you get from them and want to return goes to China. I was going to ship 3 things back to them and the shipping was mroe then the product. I will never shop with them again..

Its not a deal if you never get it and I also found out after receiving my items 3 months late that they are made very cheaply. So not a good place at all to shop..


Hi, I am still waiting for the order which consisted of a rain proof and a winter jacket for my dog.


I ordered two bags on your website on 13th of August 2018. Order No #30382841.

They said the process and the shipping will take 1-4 days.

I've not received any information concerning the shipping. I've sent many messages nut no response.


I returned my order for refund .ORDER#1803251128655277 ORDER DATE March 25, 2018 TICKET#18255017 I have tried to reach customer service many times about this (REFUND) Why am I having such a difficult time getting a response. It seems to me I have been cut off accept for ads.

I would like my REFUND.


I have all the right ticket numbers for returning items, but nobody will give me the returning address so I can call DHL for collections this is nearly 2 weeks ago. I think robots are running this company as you can not get through to talk to anybody


I placed my order in Early February but none of the items I ordered arrived up to now. Please advice


I need to change my shoes from 11.5 to12 the 11.5 is to small if you could contact me so we can make plan to exchange them thank you pleasePlease send me addresses when I can send for exchange those shoesThank u ,I m waiting for your respond


I too have placed an order February 16, it is now March 12. I have emailed sooo many times and no response when it says 24 hrs someone will respond.

I ordered things for my wedding coming up in 30 days... at this point i just want my money back so i can get these items needed for our wedding reception


It is now the 28th February and I have still not received an item that was ordered in December. The other items I received, 2 out f the 3 do not work..I was charged extra delivery after placing the order at one price and being charged another price after paying.

I cancelled order as soon as I noticed. They waited a day and informed it had been despatched..Rubbish !!Please refund my money as I have had to buy from elsewhere to complete my bathroom with my electrician. Ridiculous company. No phone number.

No customer service.



I am Bridget, I am writing about my last order #27471473, I was charged £12.92. when it's arrived at my address.

please what should I do? because I am no happy at all about this.


I will advise not to ever do business with lightinthebox

They are scammers

I ordered human hair

I paid for shipping and duty I haven’t received my order


My name is Nicole i received my order yesterday all are too small please send me a returning address on my email


I ordered on 27.11.2017 and £24.61 was taken from my credit card. I have not had the items it is now January track number is lw16078534de.

I no longer require these items and await a full refund.

I await your urgent response

Mrs A Bozkurt


I ordered on 17th and chose expedited DHL express. They have only replied TWICE to tell me it would finally be "processed" on the 26th.

Guess that didn't occur.

I'm trying to find a phone number but EVERY customer service help menu only lists email. GIVING ME THE ***.


Get me off your list. I’ve unsubscribed you at least 5 times.

This is now considered harassment by your company.

Go away. Considering lawsuit


I’m seeking legal advice

If I don’t get my shirt

I’m afraid there Name will

Be over the internet rest a sure of that


I have orderd a laptop and payed 188 dollers and 33cts in november about 17th lhave not receved a order no or the laptop l sent my money by paypal all l want is my money back l have not receved enthing


Hi I have ordered a pair of shoes on the 25th Oct as of yet I have not received the goods or any information regarding the delivery