I am extremely upset and highly disappointed, that I never received my merchandise I ordered from your company on July 2nd, 2021,and you all charged my DEBIT CARD the same day. According to the Tracking Number you all provided me of: : 940552****335415****40, upon the information provided I was supposed to receive my merchandise 5-9 business days from July 2nd, 2021, which should have been July 16th, 2021.

I have sent over 5 EMAILS to your Customer Service Department within the last week, and never heard a response.

Upon checking the Tracking Information, for some odd reason, I think your company put down the nearest cross street as my address street. How that happened I do not know. Because I Cleary input my home address for the deliver to be sent to 9824-Crimsonwood Way, Sacramento. I order this way ahead of my time to have for my Birthday, obviously that is not going to happen because my Birthday is in a couple of days.

I am requesting a FULL REFUND to my DEBIT CARD, ASAP, I have had to go out today and find this merchandise somewhere else. I am extremely disappointed, and I will NEVER order anything from you company again.

I will also be contacting the News Channels here to the Consumer Complaint and this will be heard nationwide on all the Local and National News Channel here.

This is ridiculious!!!!!! And it's worse after sending over {5} EMAL never even got a decent or courtesy Response.


Location: Sacramento, California

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