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How I got in contact with Lightinthebox

Google their adress

No. 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hongkong, Hainan China

(accurate when I researched, November 2018)

Then call the phone number that is connected to the address

From sweden it will be

00 86- (insert the number)

You can google how you call China from Sweden.

The number I reached came to what sounded like a young women who, when I asked if I've reached Lighinthebox, claimed she didn't work there anymore, I didn't believe her. So I continued about my problem, that I couldn't track my order and of course I couldn't get any help because to get help you have to click on the order you need help with (how convenient) and if course there was no order on my account. didn't take much convincing before she suddenly said that she could take my mailadress and write back to me after she talked with a "classmate" of hers.

(she didn't have access on her own to look for my order, which possibly could be true)

However, it only took a couple of minutes before I received an email from them that they've found my order and my tracking number.

I don't know how this will end but I just want to encourage everyone with the same problem as me to not give up! Just become a detective for a while and you will eventually get through to someone over there.

Good luck to you all and don't let anyone take any money you've worked hard for!! Best regards Julia

Product or Service Mentioned: Light In The Box Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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this company will add items to your account that you never ordered. I have asked several times to remove me from their email list but they don't listen!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!


I've never been through that but thank you so much for the warning!! I didn't write this to say keep shopping, it was an encouragement to be scrapy.

I read so many reviews about how no one could get in contact so that was just about not letting them get away with it because they make it difficult for the customer to reach them. I will most definitely not shop there anymore!!

Thank you so much for warning me about it. Best regards.